Vision and Mission

Sri Kartikeya Group of Hotels Private Limited is committed to excellence and achievement of highest levels of standards in Hospitality.

Mission Statement
With nine business areas and a vision to spread across India, Dubai, Thailand, the SKG Group’s foremost mission is to offer an unsurpassed level of services and experiences to all our guests. The spirit of hospitality lies at the core belief of our group and providing our guests with a pleasurable and memorable stay is the driving factor behind the energetic everyday performance of our entire team.

Headed by the leadership of the dynamic Dr. KUNAPULI SUBRAHMANYA SHARMA, the employees of SKG Group are passionate about their workspace and take the complete onus of their work. A remarkable team spirit binds the entire group together, and is evident from the quality of products and services offered by the group. To create an engaging workspace that is constantly motivating, rewarding as well as challenging, we invest in employee training and betterment of skills, while simultaneously encouraging individuality and innovation. We assist all our staff members in reaching their true potential and developing their career goals with the SKG Group.
We are committed towards meeting every requirement of our guests while constantly working towards foreseeing the same. We have designed our facilities and services to address the needs of our guests, and the process of fine-tuning and upgrading the same is a continuous one. We train ourselves to be culturally sensitive and inclusive towards guest from any part of the country or indeed from anywhere around the globe. We create an enjoyable environment by employing modern design and user friendly facilities.
The mission of SKG Group, is thus to continue to work as a team across all levels of operations, in order to offer services, products and a hospitality culture that are the pride of our workforce, the backbone of our leadership, while rising above the conventional industry standards to bring a delightful, convenient and hassle free experience to our guests, so that they continue to give patronage to the SKG brand.